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Collecting in The Netherlands

The highest collection scores without court intervention.

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B2B International Debt Collection

Your debt collection partner for claims in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, North America and South America.

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Rental claim

Collection of unpaid rent, termination of lease, eviction of tenant.

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  • More than 25 years of debt collection expertise
  • One-stop-shopping: collection specialists, lawyers, lawyers and bailiffs
  • Highest pass rates in the Netherlands
  • Specialization self-employed, large companies, SME, international and private receivables
  • No Cure No Pay also applies to disputed claims
  • 100% payment of the principal + the interest
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Sell ​​your claim

Money directly into your account. Let us assess your claim.

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Enable bailiff

You have also come to the right place for executing a judgment.

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About Justice

Since 1989, Justice is your experienced and trusted partner abroad for both B2B as B2C debt collection cases. Justice offers services both domestic and abroad; our services are delivered on a No cure No pay basis.

Delivering an excellent service model in debt collection cases; based on this transparent vision Justice has become the preferred supplier for a vast client database outsourcing their financial claims. We would be please we may collect your claim.

Upon deciding to outsource your claims to Justice, you won't be confronted with subscriptions, office fees, case fees or any other long-term commitments. Simply register and outsource your claim to us, we will take care of the rest.

Register for free with Justice and have us collect your claims in the Netherlands. When you completed your registration, you will not be bound by terms of exclusivity or other obligations. We simply hope to see you back in new cases based on our performance.

Non-legal collection

In this procedure we work on basis No Cure No Pay. Our fee for this services are charged purely on a success basis, applicable to the effectively collected debt amount, therefore incentivizing a favorable end-result.

Our efforts are focused on collecting the principal amount (i.e. the total of your invoices) + the interest + the collection cost.

What is our success fee?

We would like you to enable us to study you case. Plaese provide us all info about the case and we make a quote.

If your debtor have been negligent in the (full) payment of the total amount we are collecting on your behalf, we might advise you to consider securing your claim through a court procedure. Although the No cure No pay concept doesn't apply to court procedures, Justice is able to keep these costs limited

Please, create your account on our website. You may also click directly on ‘create account’. Justice does not offer subscription or other long-term agreements. After registering, you are not exclusively committed to Justice in any way.

If you have further questions, please do no hesitate to contact us.

- Albert Meijer, Managing Director - 

Why Justice?

Justice is your experienced and trusted partner abroad for both B2B as B2C debt collection cases. Justice offers services both domestic and abroad; our services are delivered on a No cure No pay basis.

Steps to receive the payment

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What do I have to do to collect my invoice/receivable?

My private customer does not pay! What can I do?

The Collection Costs Act (WIK) applies to claims against private individuals. To claim collection costs, we advise you to send a final reminder in accordance with WIK.

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Claim on a private individual?

Receive the sample letter of the Collection Costs Act (WIK) for free by e-mail.

Q a

Receive advice

Submit your case to us. You will receive our response within one working day.

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Submit claim

We like to surprise our clients with high collection scores.


Receive your money

Your claim has been paid. We were happy to be of service to you!